Twin City Paranormal Investigations

Case 0801

Location: Rock Falls, Illinois

Type: Residence

Details: The residents and visitors have experienced things such as 7 foot tall shadows, in the vague silhouetted form of people, peeking around corners looking at them. A visiting relative unknowingly walked around a corner and directly in to one of these shadow forms and immediately became ill. Several full form apparitions have also been seen including and old white haired woman, and a small boy wearing a t-shirt and jeans whose legs faded below the knees. The observer to the small boy was standing within a few feet of him as he looked at them, laughed, then faded away. Doors open and close by themselves, there are also sounds of knocking and of animalistic growls in the basement. Sometimes the smell of whiskey and cigarette smoke can be smelled when neither are in the area.

Comments: The activity in this location is not limited, but seems to happen anywhere in the house and at any time of day. From the resident's accounts there could be more than one type of entity at work here, possibly even an inhuman entity.

Status: Investigation Scheduled for 7/26/08 * Postponed due to scheduling conflicts * - Check back for post investigation findings soon!

Case 0802

Location: Pekin, Illinois

Type: Residence

Details: The residents and visitors have experienced things such as seeing shadows moving out of the corner of the eye. One of the residents reports the apparition of man, very detailed, in a brown suit, hat, and you can even see the chain to a pocket watch. The man sits on the end of the bed or shakes it to get their attention. Once even going so far as to get right up to the face of the observer and aggressively try to communicate with them. An apparition of a small girl in a red dress, with pigtails in her hair has also been reported. In a rare twist the residents also report the apparitions of the previous owners of the home whom the mother knew when she was younger. there are also sounds of footsteps walking the halls when no one is there and disembodied giggling in the dining room.

Comments: It is somewhat rare to have a situation where there are entities active and to know their exact names, as in this case. Due to the sometimes aggressive nature of the apparition of the ' brown suited man ' one of the main objectives of the investigation will be to try to communicate with the entity and hopefully help it, or calm it to ease the effects he has had on the family.

Status: Investigation Scheduled for mid-August - Check back for post investigation findings.

2008 Twin City Paranormal Investigations

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